Name Barcode Amount in package Recomended resell price (eur) Distributor price (eur)
Gellack polish remover "Clear",210 ml475100675612012
Gellack polish remov.'Strong", 210ml475100675610612
Nail polish remov."Orange", glass, 100ml, DNC.475100675034012
Nail polish remov.w/out acetone, glass 100ml, DNC475100675031912
Nail polish remov."Strawberry", glass, 100 ml, DNC475100675033312
Nail polish remov."White spruce", glass, 100ml,DNC475100675032612
Hyaluronic acid,skin ar/ eyes Gemene,10ml, roller.47510067563426
Combination of Hyaluronic Acids Gemene, 10ml47510067542496
Hyaluronic acid 10 ml, Gemene, glass , pipette.47510067550246
Hyaluronic Filling Spheres Gemene 10 ml47522020068806
Double-phase Hydrophilic Cleansing Oil Gemene 100 47522020129116
Linoleic acid in cotton oil,Gemene, 20ml, pump47510067562506
Salicylic acid infus. in willow,Gemene,20ml, pump47510067562436
Amber acid with amber powder, Gemene, 20ml, pump47510067562126
Fruit acid peel//regen.gel , Gemene, 20ml, pump47510067562366
Collagen for Face, Neck, Decollete,30ml47510067519036
Under Eye Oil Roller Gemene 12 ml47522020131856
Chocolate for skin, tones, 4x7.5ml475100675392112
WB_Fruit Acids for Peeling and Regeneration GMN 3047510282093766
Snail Secretion Serum, 10ml47522020015646
Facial Hyaluronic Gel of Fruit Acids L'Or 15 ml, 47522020036368
Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Eye Gel L’Or 15 ml47522020092638
Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen47510067536008
Hyaluronic Acid & Elastin47510067536488
Hyaluronic Acid L'Or 15ml47510282076488
Urea 10% Face Cream L'Or 50 ml475220201282920
Urea 5% Face Cream L'Or 50 ml475220201279920
L'Or, Snail Secretion Eye Contour, 15 ml47522020017008
L'Or, Snail Secretion Serum, 15 ml47522020016708
Charcoal Deep Pore Cleansing Mask DNC for Age.Sкin47510282047916
Charcoal Deep Pore Cleansing Mask DNC for Teenage 47510282048216
Lipcare Beeswax Quick Aid DNC 15ml47522020120586
Lipcare Beeswax Beauty Under Protection DNC 15ml 47522020120656
Lipcare Beeswax Gentle DNC 15ml47522020120726
Aloe Vera Gel FACE & HAIR DNC, 47510067538846
Goji Berry Extract, Facial Gel47510067507086
Hyaluronic acid DNC(dispenser, 3 ml)475100675501712
Hyaluronic acid, DNC, 10 ml475100675585712
Lavender hydrolat (tonic)47510067507156
Chamomile hydrolat (tonic)47510067507466
Hydrophilic Cleansing Oil DNC, 170ml47510067538468
Cosmetic clay , white475100675003612
Cosmetic clay, blue475100675002912
Cosmetic clay, green.475100675001212
Cosmetic clay, pink.475100675005012
Cosmetic clay, black475100675004312
Wrinkle filler for eyes,15ml47510067508526
Wrinkle filler,15 ml47510067508696
Ceramide Anti-Age Cream DNC, 15 ml475102820886712
Ceramide Cream DNC, dry and damaged skin, 15ml475102820883612
Collagen - gel for face, neck and décolleté, 20 ml47510067566016
Panthenol 9% & Seabuckthorn Oil 3% Cream DNC 50ml47522020131546
Easy fac. oil,12 herbal extr.smooth/,55ml47510067564896
Facial ice,refresh.,combin.s/type, 10x10ml475100675043212
Mask for clear and glowing skin, 3x15ml47510067564278
Problematic skin mask, 3x15 ml47510067564108
Amla Oil DNC 10 ml47522020051976
Evening Primrose Oil DNC 10 ml47522020128816
Green Coffee Bean Oil DNC 10 ml47522020052036
Myrtle Essential Oil DNC 10 ml47522020051806
Niaouli Essential Oil DNC 10 ml47522020051736
Micellar Water , 170ml47510067514608
Cleansing milk, make-up remov, refresh.,150ml47510067560458
Gentle Blue Clay DNC, 50ml47510282057746
Gentle Black Clay DNC, 50ml47510282057436
Night oil,tired face skin, 10ml475100675656412
Peptide botox-effect gel47510067504946
Peptide facial contours rejuvenation47510067505486
Peptide anti-wrinkle gel47510067505006
Facial wax,DNC, 15ml47510067566188
Hyaluronic Acid DNC - one single use natural fiber475220200951512
Oils of Argan, Marula And Jasmine DNC - one single475220200950812
Evening Primrose Oil DNC - one single use natural 475220200948512
Black Coffee Oil Extract DNC - one single use natu475220200949212
Snail Extract Serum DNC - one single use natural f475220200952212
Refreshing water, make-up remover.47510067560528
Facial hyaluronic gel of fruit acids475100675166812
Lift & Firm White Chocolate DNC, 50ml47510282048526
Snail Secretion Serum DNC, 10ml47510067537096
Snail Secretion Eye Contour DNC, 10ml47510067537926
Нair keratin , 30 ml47510067519416
Growth Activ.Gemene, roots strength.,a/hair loss.47510067563356
Nicotinic Acid (B3) - Shining Hair, 30 ml, spray47510067514466
Plant Protein Hair Filler Gemene, 30ml47510282076796
Hair Silk Gemene, 55ml47510282076176
Hair Growth Activator Thin & Coloured L'Or 15 ml, 47522020036298
Hair Biocomplex Against Hair Loss L'Or 15 ml, dro47522020036438
Liquid Pepper Hair Mask L'Or 15 ml, dropper47522020036058
Bay Oil For Hair Growth L'Or 15 ml, dropper47522020036128
Beard Growth Stimulator DNC 10 ml475220201001612
Growth Activator, against dandruff, 3x15 ml47510067509068
Growth Activator, dry/, 3x15ml47510067509138
Growth Activator,for thin/, 3x15 ml47510067509208
Hair Growth Activator DNC, normal to dry hair, 55m47510282089046
Hair Growth Activator DNC, anti-dandruff, 55ml, sp47510282088986
Hair Growth Activator DNC, thin and dyed hair, 55m47510282089116
Antistatic for hair, spray, 30ml475100675196512
Biocomplex, pigm.and hair shine improv.,3x15ml47510067516138
Biocomplex against hair loss, 3x15 ml47510067516208
Biocomplex against hair split, 3x15 ml47510067516378
Mustard Hair Mask475100675269612
Liquid Ginger Hair Mask DNC, 3x15 ml47522020077028
Liquid Pepper DNC - Hair Mask, 3*15ml47510067554998
Shampoo Oily Hair DNC (Korea)475100675536910
Shampoo Coloured Hair DNC (Korea)475100675537610
Shampoo Dry & Damaged Hair DNC (Korea)475100675535210
Hair Keratin, 20ml47510067563666
Hair Volume Conditioner DNC, 350 ml47510067562056
Conditioner For Colour Treated Hair DNC, 350 ml47510067559946
Easy Combing Conditioner DNC, 350 ml47510067561996
Replenishing Moisture Conditioner DNC, 350 ml47510067559016
Hair Lanolin, 26 ml475100675096812
Light hair oil, 15 plant. extr., h/growth, recov.47510067564656
Activated Carbon Hair Mask DNC, 2*50g475100675448512
Yeast mask for hair growth, 100gr475100675603812
Mask for deep hair regener.,3x15ml47510067564348
Red pepper-against hair loss, 100gr475100675639712
Liquorice HairMask DNC, 4x25g475220201244712
Bay oil, 55ml47510067565886
Kajaput oil,55ml47510067565716
Nut oil, against hair loss, 3x15 g47510067547828
Nut oil, hair firming, 3x15g47510067547758
Butter for hair ends, 15ml47510067563738
Brewer's Yeast HairMask DNC 100g475220201306212
Cod Liver Oil Hair Mask DNC 3х15 ml47522020065838
Growth Activ.Gemene, roots strength.,a/hair loss.47510067563356
Wax, hair treatment, 15 ml47510067566258
Hair filler47510067508458
Hop Cones Hair Mask475100675270212
Additive-Free Shampoo Oily Hair47510067526416
Additive-Free Shampoo Coloured Hair47510067526586
Additive-Free Shampoo Dry & Damaged Hair47510067525976
Наir silk, 40ml 47510067566948
for eyebrows and eyelashes
Gemene Oil for eyelashes-growth stimulator, 10ml47510067527336
L'Or Eyelash and Eyebrow Oil Nourishing,15ml, drоp47522020021348
L'Or Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting Oil, 15 ml, drop47522020021658
L*OR Oil f.eyelash/e-brows, nourish.,12 ml475100675262712
L*OR Oil f.e-lash./e-brows, f.strong.pigm., 12ml475100675263412
Elegant Oil - Eyelashes Repair DNC, 12ml475100675306812
Brows & Lashes Wild Mango Oil DNC 12 ml475220201043612
Eyebrow Growth Enhancing Oil475220201000912
Oil f/eyesbrows/eyelashes, nourish.,12ml475100675062312
Oil eyebrows/eyelashes, pigment.12ml475100675063012
Brows & Lashes Sweet Almond Oil DNC 12 ml475220201042912
Nut oil, eyelids/eyelashes-firming,12ml47510067559638
Cod Liver Oil, Brows and Lashes DNC 10 ml475220200659012
Jamaican Black Castor Lash Care Oil DNC, 12 ml475220201048112
ARGAN OIL L'Or 15 ml, dropper47522020036508
Virgin Coconut Oil L'Or 15 ml, dropper47522020035998
Coconut Oil47510067505558
Argan oil, spray, 55ml47510067562816
Cocoa Butter, 80ml 47510067539766
Hemp Seed Oil DNC, 55 ml47510282091306
Moringa Oil47510067539076
Sea Buckthorn Oil DNC 20 ml47510282091546
Cottonseed Oil DNC, 55 ml47510282091476
Shea Butter, 80ml47510067539906
Nail wask, nourishing, 5ml475100675191012
Nail wask, strengthening, 5ml475100675193412
Hand Sanitizer L'Or 15 ml47522020094548
Hand Sanitizer L'Or 50 ml475220200980525
Biowax, nails, nourishing, 6ml475100675141512
Biowax, nails,strengthening 6ml475100675143912
Bio nail oil , against crak.cuticle, n.splits475100675026512
Bio nail oil, n.strength., cuticle soften.475100675025812
Cream concentrate, hand wax, 80ml47510067554136
Wax mask-cream, n/hands, anti aging, 80 ml47510067554206
Wax mask-cream, n/hands, softening, 80ml47510067554376
Nut oil for nails, strengthening,6ml47510067558028
Nut oil for nails, against splitting,6ml47510067558198
Cod Liver Oil Nail Care DNC 3 ml475220200661312
Urea 15% Foot Cream L'Or 60ml475220201285024
Fruit acid Foot Peel47510067508388
Hard Skin & Callus Gel DNC, 50 ml47522020131236
Cream-concentr.feet wax,against craks,dryn.,80ml47510067561756
Cream-concetr.feet wax, smooth,soft heels, 80ml47510067561686
Antiperspirant odorless, w/propol./lime flow.extr.47510067548298
Anti-Perspirant No Hair DNC 50 ml Roll-On47522020123628
Antiperspirant odorless, w/birch leaves extr.47510067548128
Bath & Shower Gel Orange DNC 250 ml47522020134828
Bath & Shower Gel Vanilla and Strawberry DNC 250 m47522020135058
Bath & Shower Gel Coconut DNC 250 ml47522020134518
Bath & Shower Gel Lemon and Mandarin DNC 250 ml47522020134758
Bath & Shower Gel Mango DNC 250 ml47522020134998
Bath & Shower Gel Mint and Lime DNC 250 ml47522020134448
Bath & Shower Gel Cucumber DNC 250 ml47522020135128
Bath & Shower Gel Tea Tree and Eucalyptus DNC 250 47522020134688
Oil Shower Gel DNC, 250 ml47510282096429
Anti Cellulite Wraps - Body Shaper475100675666312
Massage oil, anticellulite.47510067566708
Shower UltraGel DNC, 250 ml47510282096119
Moisture Socks47510067508908
Cotton Moisturizing Socks DNC, black47522020098438
Hand gloves for cosmetic procedures47510067550318
Cotton Gloves DNC, black47522020098368
NL1-Lateks sponge cosmetics application from 4pcs503374000529010
A6 two sided pad for powder box503374000508510
NAIL ART Album47510067545081
B24-Lateks sponges in flower shape.503374000503010
Decor sprinkle glitter MIX3g4751006754836100
Cosmetic pad, pouch 80pcs590513352800912
Cosmetic sticks w/cotton wool/box heart shape590513352808512
Cosmetic sticks w/cotton wool/box590513352819112
Cosmetic sticks with cotton wool/pouch/590513352812212
Hair bandage460510801010210
C1-round sponge from pressed cellulose 503374000510810
French manicure tape475100675082112